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Capturing a perfect photo which embodies an iconic mood of your wedding is a serious and challenging task, because with each second missed your perfect moment may stay lost forever. We are here to save your special moments from oblivion and participate in a wonderful celebration of your wedding day. Not only during that specific day, but for the rest of your life time in your photo albums and valuable memories. With us, you will surely receive the most iconic seal of your love which glorifies the most precious mood of such special life event. Play a leading role in your own happy movie, directed by Mood Republic Studios LLC.

Here at Mood Republic Studious LLC, we find ourselves dedicated towards your long awaited wedding day, ensuring that it will stay captured forever in your photographs. Headed by Jose Tan, our New Jersey Wedding Photography service is based in Paramus will surely complete the happy beginning on the first day of your new lives. For the past two decades, he has enriched his career by shooting fashion, glamour and commercial projects for clients from Europe, North America and Asia. This has positioned him as an experienced and creative professional who delivers a distinctive and dynamic wedding photography style inspired by the aforementioned genres. Alongside Jose, Satchi and Nino are the creative members of the trio, ensuring that your most valuable moments will be taken professionally with care. As a Top New Jersey Fine Art photography provider, we encourage further work towards capturing the most memorable wedding day shots among our clients.

Our mission is to capture the most iconic moments of your wedding and to emphasize the elegance which represents the happy couple. We meticulously aim for the quality with each stage of producing your image like a master crafting a masterpiece. As we undergo through each step of this rewarding process, from planning to shooting, editing, album designing and printing, your special moments are taken with specific care and respect and we promise that the end results will be amazing! Our dedication towards your special day will be represented with hi-quality presentation of your striking images, presented as wall arts and as a part of signature wedding albums. And this special day of yours will be cherished through generations which will flame from a spark settled on that momentous day. Express your specific and iconic mood with Mood Republic Studios LLC.

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New Jersey Wedding Photographer | Mood Republic Studios

New Jersey Wedding Photographers | Mood Republic Studios


Jose_Tan_Profile_BoxMeet Jose Tan the Mastermind behind the lens

Hi! I am a New Jersey Wedding Photographer capturing NJ, NY and destinations. Having spent nearly two decades shooting Fashion, Glamour, Events and Commercial Projects for International clients in Asia, it has placed me in a very unique and solid position to deliver Fine Art Wedding Photography with an exciting fusion of the genres mentioned above. My primary goal is to capture your wedding’s iconic moments and equally important, its elegant mood. I take pride in having done projects with Bollywood and Hollywood stars like Atif Aslam, Nargis Fakhri, Ali Zafar, Pablo Baez Hug and Liv Tyler to name a few.


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